Guidelines for abstract

Last update: 26 June 2018

Deadline for abstract submission: 31 October 2018

Notification of acceptance by 21 December 2018

Your title should be concise and informative (<120 characters including spaces, i.e. approx. 16 words), written with lowercase letters, except for specific words (e.g. Places, Surnames) and scientific names where capital letters are needed (e.g. pH, DNA…).

 You are strongly encouraged to include one visual element (figure) in your abstract (e.g. graphic, drawing, photograph, table). Only .jpeg or .png; maximum size: width 16 cm x height 10 cm / 500 Ko /  300 ppp. Figures increase your readership and give your results more chances of being known by others.

 A few (maximum 5) published references can be included, using the following format: Last name of first author, (et al. if required), year, title of journal (abbreviated if possible), page numbers (do not include the title of the article); provide doi if available. If the reference is a book or a chapter in a book, provide last name of fist author, in: title of the book, year, Editor, page numbers.

Instructions for the abstracts

Title of the abstract (< 120 characters, including spaces)

(Author 1) Last name First name1, (Author 2) Last name First name2, (Author 3) Last name First name3, (Author 4) Last name First name1

 1 Affiliation of authors 1 and 4 (in this example): Institution or company, Lab or unit, Postcode, City, Country

2 Affiliation of author 2 (in this example): Institution or company, Lab or unit, Postcode, City, Country

3 Affiliation of author 3 (in this example): Institution or company, Lab or unit, Postcode, City, Country

Text of the abstract, including if possible background of the work, aims, materials and methods, major results and conclusion. (maximum 1500 characters including spaces + one figure, or 3000 characters if you do not include a figure).

PD: first name = e.g. Charles; last name = e.g. Darwin

Online submission process

●       First step: Go to the “Submit abstract” link under “Participate” in the congress’ homepage:

This will take you to the “submit abstract” page, where you can read the synopsis of the 33 parallel scientific sessions of the congress. Choose your session and remember its title. This list is also available through the link “Scientific Programme” under “Programme” on the main web page.

●       Second step: Click on the “Submit here” link, which appears on top of this page.

This takes you to a specific “Abstract submission” page: follow the instructions on this page until you reach the “Submit” button. You will be requested to select one parallel session, for either oral or poster presentation.

●       Third step: You will receive an email to confirm that we have received your abstract. Follow the instructions in this email to go to the Abstract Manager page where you can preview your abstract.

●       Following this process, the Scientific Committee of the Congress will review your abstract and inform you whether or not it can be accepted, in which session, with or without modifications, and as an oral presentation or a poster.

 Thank you for your contribution to the 4th World Congress on Agroforestry!

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Last update: 26 June 2018

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