Climate contribution

Last update: 29 June 2018

The Fourth World Congress on Agroforestry, as a “green” congress, is committed to a series of initiatives to reduce its ecological footprint:

●       Carbon offset of participants’ travel
●       Local catering and local food producers
●       Special food requirements
●       No useless goodies provided
●       Limited printed material, WIFI and USB memory stick preferred
●       Environmentally friendly public transportation encouraged

While travelling to Montpellier, we are all contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. If you want to compensate (offset) for your emissions, you can fund an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere.  This is normally done through the buying of officially certified carbon credits.

However, given the modest size of our congress, we propose here a simpler approach to compensate for our emissions, through the financing of an agroforestry research or development project. To handle this “Climate contribution”, we have selected the “4 per 1000 Initiative”, a gathering of voluntary stakeholders who want to demonstrate that agriculture, and in particular agricultural soils, can play a crucial role where food security and climate change are concerned.

The “4 per 1000” hypothesis claims that an annual increase of 4‰ (or 0.4%) of the organic carbon content of all soils of the world would nearly compensate the annual CO2 increase of the atmosphere due to human-made emissions. This gives agricultural soils a huge role to play in securing a better future. Agroforestry is of course among the options, together with agroecology, cover crops, landscape management, etc. The ambition of the initiative is to encourage stakeholders to transition towards a productive, highly resilient agriculture, based on the appropriate management of lands and soils, creating jobs and incomes hence ensuring sustainable development. The Executive Secretariat of the "4 per 1000" initiative is hosted by the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR System Organization) through its System Management Office, hosted in Montpellier, France. See more details here:

The “4 per 1000 Initiative” supports practical actions on soil carbon storage and has a Scientific and Technical Committee (STC), which oversees the quality of projects. Your climate contribution will be used to support one of these projects. In short, you accept to pay a little extra for your trip, we collect the money and transfer it to a selected project, and we will eventually keep you informed of the results of the project.

As you probably know, the price of carbon is fluctuating. For the present climate contribution, we shall use the price provided (and regularly updated) by GoodPlanet (, a recognized public interest foundation that aims to make ecology and humanism a central issue in order to encourage people to take concrete action for the earth and its inhabitants.  For example, a New York-Paris round trip represents 2.87 tons of carbon and can be offset by a contribution of € 57.42 (i.e. approximately US$ 70).

We strongly encourage all delegates to offset their travel related emissions! If you are ready to do so, click here:

to get a computation of your greenhouse gas emissions and of the required money to compensate for them. Decide how much of that you want to compensate for (hopefully all!), click on the “My climate contribution” button on the registration form and insert this figure.

Thank you very much!

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Last update: 29 June 2018

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