Last update: 24 September 2018

A large choice of accommodation in Montpellier is offered to you: hotel chain business, contemporary building or charm of the old style, from the not classified to the 5 stars hotels, by the sea, in surrounding countryside or in city heart. Hotels from Montpellier multiply the possibilities!

Organize your stay by booking for accommodations

  1. Book by yourself: download a list of hotels 
    Special rates have been negociated with some hotels. You can get this special fare when booking either by phone or email directly to the hotel (not through the online booking available on web sites).
  2. Filling the registration form.  A selection of hotels at a negociated rate is proposed
  3. AirBnB in « Les Aubes », walking distance from Le Corum Conference Centre.
  4. On the reservation center of the Montpellier Tourist Office 

Last update: 24 September 2018

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